Crypto Fairies

A blockchain-based meta-social network that offers a blended experience of NFT GameFi + DeFi + Freelance marketplace. Its decentralised game mechanics allow for capital growth as well as developing the creative and communicative potential of players.

The mission of the CF game

CF Creativity Key

"C" is a symbol of purification, gaining new knowledge and applying it. The mythical creatures of the Crypto Fairies help you to know yourself, and at the same time learn to understand people by revealing their true intentions. Fairies embody the energy and vitality necessary to realise players' goals. They develop creative talents and unleash the potential of abilities!

"F" is the symbol for creative people. The embodiment of Higher Powers and incredible power. Crypto-Fairies help you find inspiration and fill you with spiritual power.

A Fairy Tale

On the birthday of a fairy, the cheerful crypto fairies threw a party on a fairy lake. There was so much fun and nobody remembers what happened there, but the fairies woke up in their cabins not wearing their proper fairy clothes, and now they've lost their wizzy power to generate magic crypto profits.

Help the Fairy find her clothes other fairies now wear, so she gets back her magical power - and she'll thank you generously.

Find and meet participants of the game who have characters with your Fairy’s items on. Negotiate, swap, buy and sell. The sooner you complete the collection that matches your Fairy, the more you can earn from the 8,350, 250 MATIC Crypto Fairy prize pool!

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