Project Description

Crypto Fairies is a blockchain-based meta-social network that offers a blended experience of NFT GameFi + DeFi + Freelance marketplace. Its decentr. game mechanics allow for multiplying the capital

The Game’s meta-social network provides players with the opportunity to participate and contribute in a great variety of ways, including the ability to

  • Create, mint, buy, sell, swap and collect NFTs related to the Crypto Fairies Metaverse.

  • Manage Game capital through DeFi tools, farm tokens and NFTs.

  • Participate in the creation of the new integrated real world+digital world Fashion NFT market.

  • Take an active part in the decentralised development of the FairyLand Metaverse through possession of Governance NFTs (on the DAO model).

  • Create Game Lands, NFT Locations, and Quests.

  • Complete Quests and educational courses at Locations.

  • Unite with others in teams and guilds according to their interests and/or desired direction of personal growth.

  • As a culmination and further propulsion of their learning, skill development and growth, players will produce digital creative projects by interacting with one another. The game will invite partners and clients who would like to order custom items such as illustrations, design, written works, videos, music, game mechanics and clothing. These orders will be formed into Quests and distributed among the players, who can team up to complete the Quest.

The decentralised Crypto Fairies Prize Pool is distributed to players via Farming Pools.

Indie games (IPs) will also be developed and operated at FairyLand Locations, ranging from casual and hyper-casual micro-games to more complex logic-based RPGs based on NFT. To create these games, Crypto Fairies will collaborate with gaming launchpads, while the CF community will develop and fund all game projects.

Crypto Fairies transparent, decentralised ecosystem is based on cross-chain bridging mechanics for NFT (including wNFT) and utility tokens. The project thus contributes to the deepening of global blockchain interpenetration (in particular L2 networks) along with the development of a broad wNFT market.

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