Crypto Fairies 2.0

All NFTs playable in CF 1.0 will move into CF 2.0 game mechanics.

Version 2.0 of the Game (Episode 2 onwards) will be a full-fledged Metaverse where advanced in-game financial mechanics are to be implemented, letting players profit from a range of DeFi / NFT-Fi instruments.

Launch of in-game token Fairy Dust ($FD)

  • Earn $FD during game play

  • Make money off trading $FD on exchanges

New-look Magic Items NFT CF

  • We will introduce 6 levels of rarity, which will increase the % yield for CFF token holders

  • Opening a personal wardrobe to boost NFT CFM storage

More income from NFT CFF

  • New NFT CFF Crypto Fairy Collections (generative art based on rarity)

  • New-look CFM collections (generative art based on rarity - 6 levels)

  • Exclusive NFT CFM collections from fashion brands.

NFT CFG income in CF 2.0

  • Income earned from continuously added in-game locations will be distributed between CFG and CFG Royal holders

  • CFG locations - Elf Merchant's Shop, Phoenix Tower, Dwarfs’ Gold Mine, Fairy Egg Farm, Fairy Fashion House, Magic Academy, and many more!

NFT CFG Royal income in CF 2.0

  • We’ll be adding Flower Fields, in which interacting Cryptoverses will launch

  • Income will be generated by these new game lands hosting new games, with their own characters, CFG, CFF and CFM tokens

  • Yield from continuously added in-game lands will be distributed between CFG Royal and CFG holders

CF Academy of Magic

  • Education in DAO, DeFi, NFT, DEX, GameFi

NFT Talents Marketplace

  • We’ll bring together Customers and Contractors for joint design & development of projects in the NFT GameFi and Metaverse market

CF Investment Fund

  • Extra yield will be generated from investing magically in innovative promising businesses (including tokenized assets, green tech, education)

Embedded mini-games

Farming and swaps with other NFT projects

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