In-Game NFTs and Tokens

To control the NFT rarity, supply and Game turnover, CF uses blockchain technology. Each in-game, collectible or governance card is linked to a unique token (standards 721 or 1155) bridged between chains of this multi-chain/cross-chain Game.


an SSR collectible Governance NFT card. 
 There are 13 in total(Episode 1)

Each of these Governance NFTs grants to the owner the status of Guardian of the Game, along with access to the Royal Hall of Crypto Fairies Guardians, an in-game Location where strategic issues relating to how the entire metaverse of FairyLand is to evolve are tackled. Holders of these NFTs have a special status and privileges in the Game.


an SR collectible Governance NFT card. 
 There are 370 pieces 
 (Episode 1)

Each NFT CFG grants to the owner the role of Metaverse Builder, along with access to the Metaverse Builder Workshop, an in-game Location where tactical and operational issues of FairyLand and its creation are discussed.


a rare/SR/SSR collectible Governance NFT card. 
 There are 16,807 pieces
 (Episode 1)

Battle NFTs (NFT CF Keys) are associated with the competitive development of Crypto Fairies GameFi on multiple blockchains. They are mintable on 7 blockchains. This type of NFT gives the owner the right to vote along with access to one of the private membership Locations — the Blockchain Guilds.

NFT Flower BOX

NFT shoots of the Game.
 There are 200,005 units
 (Episode 1)

Flower BOX is a novel NFT GameFi format created via a smart contract. The SC mints a Flower BOX, from which a ‘Fairy pack’ is revealed (NFT CFF erc-721). Each CFF wraps up eight other randomly drawn NFTs that include a Fairy and her 7 magic items (NFT CFM erc-1155), thus enabling each player who mints a Flower BOX to receive a unique magic set.


The main in-game NFT card. Standard Rarity.
 There are 200,005 pieces (Episode 1)

Basic in-game NFT CFF 721, which wraps up eight NFT CFMs 1155: 1 Crypto Fairy and 7 fairy items. The smart contract randomly brings together a set of 7 items taken from the 13 Ruling Fairy collections.


in-game magic items. 
 There are 1,600,040 pieces
 (Episode 1)

NFT CFM items are wearables of the 13 Crypto Fairy types, which the player receives randomly mixed inside an NFT CFF (see section 8 Gameplay).

NFT FL rare and epic NFT collectibles. 
 Each Location can release 1,000 per episode

NFT FLs are minted by Locations. They participate in the gaming or themed mechanics of Locations and provide the opportunity to partake in the distribution of income earned by a Location

  • Possession of certain in-game NFTs is required to create Quests or Locations or to purchase any type of land plot

  • A player must own NFTs from Episodes 0 and 1 in order to proceed to CF 2.0.

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