Game locations

Order of the Phoenix

Hello to all members of the Order of the Phoenix. The Phoenix is an important bird for the Fairies. The Phoenix spreads the news about the project all over the world. The Phoenix guild hosts only the best marketing and SMM birds.

Аcademy of magic

Have you just trodden on the path of cryptocurrencies, and are not aware yet where the danger looms and where you can become a rich princess or prince? Our Academy of Magic is just what you're looking for! What will you get here? Will we be brewing a potion out of Ethereum or cooking BTC in its own juice? Both is possible! So, don't miss your opportunity to become a student of the Academy of Magic while getting a unique chance to learn from top-tier crypto profs.

Games room

Hello, assistant of the magical Crypto-fairies. You have found a unique door to the world of games with valuable prizes. Here we’ll help develop our project and support Crypto-fairies. If you want to take part in the games, just wait for a message from Phoenix that a new game has been launched, then follow all the rules and conditions of the game.

Editorial Office

Congratulations, friend. You got into a unique room, which gathers the Great minds of PR and Content. You were chosen by Crypto-fairies to help them efficiently compose and send out information. You will be working together with the Order-of-the-Phoenix, so be attentive to the letters from the Phoenix. You will be notified in this room, when the Phoenix arrives. The Fairies would also like to see your creativity, which would help Phoenix write new letters for wayfarers and assistants.

Piggy bank

Welcome, traveller, to our City of Merchants. This is where we share investment advice and tips on DeFi. There are investment wizards in our City. You can ask them where you want to go and which route to take.

DAO MAU castle

Welcome you who will erect the walls & the foundation for our Metaverse! We can arrange the Fairies and flowers in a nicely way in our Meta-home, but will there be any home at all without IT development? That is why we've gathered the smartest IT minds to make our Metaverse the most sturdy edifice in the world of crypto.

Art Glade

New Fairies and clothes, new wands and creative add-ons... Top-flight artists and ideators gather here to magic it all up! Grab your canvases and paints - we're just at the very start of our great journey across the Metaverse.

Metaverse builders workshop

Greetings, member of this private membership guild of Metaverse Builders! This cozy chat has been set up to coordinate all of our future developments. Every participant and their decisions make a huge difference.We hope you are ready for the Fairy Metaverse and your own role in it. You are the chosen ones in our world of Crypto Fairies.

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