Market Entry Strategy

Our Innovative Development Strategy synthesises a number of sciences and market areas:

  • Digital financial technology: DAO, DeFi, Fintech, NFT, GameFi, AI, AR, XR, GPS linking to real maps.

  • Humanistic values: Developing the creative talents of the future generation through the opportunity to participate in the creation of a fabulous new world.

  • Job market + Educational platform: Allowing players to gain and apply knowledge in the new market of metaverses and GameFi.

  • Fashion industry: Merging real world fashion and digital fashion via the creation of technology to integrate the fashion market into the gameverse.

  • DAO philosophy: Everything that is created belongs to the community; all the assets and income are distributed in proportion to the value of each player's contribution.

We combine these elements to form a complex cognitive-technological, financialsocial market hub. Here, meta–social network players can create a new reality based on the interface and infrastructure of the CF Metaverse. This co-creation engages and binds the contributors, and the DAO architecture guarantees a competitive environment for players to develop their competencies and enhance their well-being.

Crypto Fairies also offers players in-game mechanics to create and transform clothing objects and wearables. NFT characters can be levelled up by swapping NFT nested (‘wrapped’) objects. This technology is in demand in the NFT GameFi market and, as we see it, in the wider market. We will draw on our experience in the realm of fashion to contract with fashion brands to integrate their clothing into the Game mechanics — thus integrating the real world fashion market with the NFT tech. Game players will be able to ‘craft’ purchased in-game artefacts in the real world, or, by winning the NFT of a new Adidas or Gucci collection, get to own those clothes ‘in real life’. We see the potential for doing the same with the car market. This harmonious integration of the real world fashion market and NFT fashion creates a limitless ‘blue ocean’ for the global community of the Game. Its first players will become the new famous fashion designers of the future world.

Crypto Fairies will additionally offer the crypto market a series of generative PFP NFTs under its own brand (on the model of Bored Apes, Cool Cats, World of Women, etc.). Taking this into locations, CF will regularly launch NFT games of different genres on Locations: collectible card games, RPGs, arcades, etc. We are also planning collaborations with existing NFT games and game launchpads to maximise the involvement of their audiences and potential game initiators in FairyLand territory. Start-ups and teams looking to develop blockchain-based games will be able to use the CF gaming platform and interfaces to quickly complete development and launch their games. The digital architecture of the project will enable new games to be created from off-the-shelf modules.

INO (Initial (w)NFT Offering) and IMO (Initial Metaverse Offering) mechanics are being introduced for additional financial provisioning of Locations.

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