A blockchain network with smart contracts

Designed to form a transparent and secure system for financial transactions among all players in the Game, as well as storing and distributing players’ personal data in the form of Game NFTs and points


Consists of the main Game Platform with extensive functionality for use by players, as well as a group of additional partner service sites (Locations) which participate in the Game mechanics.


A software service that facilitates communication between and among Game players and allows them to receive gameplay notifications.


Instructions for possible options to integrate new tech services, as well as integrate with partner projects in the context of development of the CF Metaverse.

AR and XR

Augmented reality and mixed reality.

NFT Technologies Employed in the Project

  • Generative algorithms for designing art objects have been applied.

  • The game will use the technology for wrapping other tokens/objects in an NFT — i.e. wNFT (wrapped NFT).

  • Crypto Fairies is a pioneer in using NFT tokens as Governance tokens; these serve as voting and dividend tokens within the DAO.

  • CFG Royal tokens are currently deployed on the Polygon network.

  • EIP721 and EIP1155 protocols.

  • Multi chain and cross chain technologies provide the ability to launch NFT games and run Game mechanics on multiple EVM compatible networks, such as MATIC, Ethereum, Binance, Fantom, Avalanche, XDAI, Tron. Cross network bridges for NFT. DSA.

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