Gameplay (Episode 1)

NFT Game: Build a Correlated Collection – Dress Your Fairy

In the legendary history of the Game, one lovely summer day, to celebrate the birthday of a Fairy, her cheerful Crypto Fairy friends threw a party on a fairy lake. They had so much fun that things got a little mixed up, and when they all woke up in their cabins the next morning, every Fairy had a collection of clothes that were not her own!

Your mission is to help your Fairy get back her own clothes so she can regain her wizzy power to generate magic crypto profits. The Fairy will thank you generously!

Each Crypto Fairy is born from a Flower BOX (NFT CFF). You can gain NFT CFFs by minting them, winning them in Location Quests, or obtaining them through marketing promotions (airdrops). You can also buy, sell and stake them. Each NFT has a unique value in the game.

Swap Magic Items

Along with a Fairy, your in-game NFT CFF contains 7 randomized NFT CFMs (magic items).

To collect your Fairy s unique, correlated (matched) collection of magic items, you swap magic items with other players. To do this, enter the Elf Merchant Location and create an ad that will attract players holding your Fairy's magic items.

Once you have found the magic item that you are seeking and its owner, use the CFM SWAP mechanics to exchange the NFT CFMs.

Earn a Magic Yield

After gathering a complete matched collection for your Crypto Fairy, you can stake the collected Fairy (NFT CFF) to receive a monthly Magic Yield from the Prize Pool.

You can do this through Farming Pools in the Treasury Location. The Prize Pool is distributed proportionally among the CFF Farming Pools, and within each Pool among the holders of staked NFTs.

You can also generate a yield by participating in other Game mechanics; in particular, by purchasing and staking other types of Crypto Fairies NFTs (CFG, CFG Royal, Battle, etc.).

Gain In-Game $FD Points in Quests

One of the most exciting opportunities provided by the Game is to take part in themed Quests at Locations. These Quests allow you to explore and expand your creative potential. When you complete a Quest, you can win $FD game points and/or in-game NFTs.

You can find Quests on the Game Platform at Locations, as well as in dedicated Discord and Telegram chats, or via the Mottie Fairy chatbot (Talk to Mottie).

Special Locations offer themed Quests in the form of gamified orders for services or products in various areas of talent development: design, IT, marketing, blogging, game design, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, education, fashion — and much more! At the same time, Game Locations host mini-games.

Teams, players and entrepreneurs who own Governance NFTs are entitled to open new locations.

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