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Description of $FDToken

Utility Game token (game points).

  • Token Ticker: $FD – Fairy Dust[ F
  • Total Supply: 333,555,888 $FD (Episode 1). The token price is linked to the value of Flower BOXes
  • 18 decimals
  • Locks and vesting as per approved tokenomics
  • Total supply can be increased in Episode 2 of the Game. Any extra supply will be tied to the minting of new in-game NFTs
  • Game mechanics of NFT Communities Battle will determine on which blockchain(s) the token will ultimately sit
  • 40% of the funds raised in the Private Sale, Presale and IDO will be allocated to exchange listings, with locks in liquidity pools for 5 years.

Tools for Stable Growth of $FD Token

The $FD token has deflationary mechanics. As tokens get used up for minting ingame NFTs and paying fees, while large amounts of $FD will be frozen by staking (specifically as part of liquidity mining, opening Locations, participating in Quests, farming NFTs, etc.), the total supply of $FD will drop significantly in the future.

Burning. The $FD token will be burned during Game mechanics

  • 10% when minting NFTs for $FD tokens
  • Tokens pledged for paid Quests that the player has not completed are burned.
  • We will regularly buy back a portion of $FD tokens from the market to support the rate.

In episodes 0 and 1, players can obtain $FD as follows:

  • Purchase at Private Sale, Presale and IDO
  • Game launch related giveaways: Airdrop and Bounty
  • Staking of gaming NFTs
  • Liquidity mining Selling in-game NFTs to other players
  • Staking $FD
  • Buying from an exchange or other players
  • Completing Quests and tasks

In Episode 2, the following additional functionalities of $FD token are laid down:

  • Levelling up in the Game
  • ‘Cross-breeding’ and creating new magic items
  • Purchase of NFT growth and life catalysts
  • Character customization / development / advancement
  • Wrapping $FD in NFTs
  • Burning tokens when customizing a character
  • Wrapping tokenized products (fashion and merch) in wNFTs
  • Wrapping tokenized resources (gold, silver, minerals) in wNFTs