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The Mission CF: Key to Creativity

С - is a symbol of refinement, of acquiring new knowledge and applying it. The mythical creatures of Crypto Fairies will help you learn about yourself, and at the same time learn to understand people around you so that their true intentions are revealed to you. An axiom for Crypto Fairy NFT owners is to get out of quandaries with benefits, but also with no harm to your counterparts. The Fairies represent the energy and vitality you need to achieve your goals. They develop your creative talents and unleash your potential!

F - is the symbol of creative people. It is the embodiment of higher powers and consummate strength. The Fairies are your muses inspiring you and filling you with spiritual power.

CF forms a magical blockchain-based gaming ecosystem in which players use crypto-tokens in exploring and co-creating the FairyLand Metaverse.

Limited NFT tokens of various types: Governance tokens (incl. the 13 Ruling Fairies); collectible; basic in-game tokens (‘Flower BOX’ – Fairy Cradles); Game Location tokens; and Special Location tokens.

Utilizing cross-chain technology, the tokens are minted on multiple blockchains. Some types of NFTs (notably Governance NFTs, Battle NFTs, etc.) function as ‘keys’ to the Metaverse, providing exclusive perks to their possessors. As new episodes of the game are launched, all of these types of NFTs have the potential to rapidly increase in value.

Governance NFT holders gain the additional benefit of receiving a fixed proportion of the total revenue of the Project: 1% for each CFG Royal NFT and 0.1% for each NFT CFG.

Fairy Dust ($FD) Utility Token (Game Points). $FD tokens are used to create Quests and Locations, as well as for staking, farming (including NFT farming), liquidity mining, and minting / levelling up NFT tokens. $FD has a built-in deflation mechanism: When a player mints an NFT for $FD tokens, 10% in $FD is burned. A percentage of $FD is also burned when a player fails to complete a quest that requires staking $FD tokens.

A line of offline (‘real world’) products is also planned within the Game universe, in connection with wNFT technology: board and card games; toys; a line of souvenir CF products; electronic gadgets integrated with the Game mechanics (smartphones, quadcopters, wearable electronics, Smart Home systems, and glasses); and a line of fashion-brand items (clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and backpacks).

Through that integration of the real and virtual worlds, players in the CF meta-social network create and contribute to a versatile ecosystem for earning, playing (P2E), learning, and bringing creative ideas to life. In turn, this dynamic ecosystem will facilitate the exchange of competencies and talents among members of the community, enabling the community as a whole to efficiently participate in the construction of metaverses and the economy+society of those metaverses.

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