Financial Flow of Game Players:

At the start, a player in the game can do the following:

  • Buy different types of NFT and/or Game points $FD via any of the following purchase options: minting on the website, marketplaces, exchanges, or from other players.

  • Win $FD or NFTs through completing Quests at Locations.

  • Gain $FD or NFTs through Airdrop, Bounty, or Community Competitions.

  • Purchase goods or services from Locations (in particular, by initiating Quests) with the required amount of $FD.

After acquiring NFTs and/or $FD game points, players can multiply their income or generate new income via the following means:

  • Participating in the Game mechanics (see Gameplay).

  • Staking NFT in the Farming Pools of the Game (see next section).

  • Selling various NFTs on marketplaces or to other players.

  • Selling $FD on exchanges or to other players.

  • Staking $FD under various mechanics.

  • Participating in liquidity mining of $FD.

  • Completing and winning quests.

  • Initiating Locations and buying or renting Lands, if the player holds NFTs of the top categories.

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