Fairy Dust ($FD):

Fairy Dust ($FD): the CF utility token, game points and main Game resource. Participants earn and use this token in various Game mechanics to multiply Magic Yield and develop their creative talents

In episodes 0 and 1, players can obtain $FD as follows:

  • Purchase at Private Sale, Presale and IDO

  • Game launch related giveaways: Airdrop and Bounty

  • Staking of gaming NFTs

  • Liquidity mining

  • Selling in-game NFTs to other players

  • Staking $FD

  • Buying from an exchange or other players

  • Completing Quests and tasks

In Episode 2, the following additional functionalities of $FD token are laid down:

  • Levelling up in the Game

  • ‘Cross-breeding’ and creating new magic items

  • Purchase of NFT growth and life catalysts

  • Character customization / development / advancement

  • Wrapping $FD in NFTs

  • Burning tokens when customizing a character

  • Wrapping tokenized products (fashion and merch) in wNFTs

  • Wrapping tokenized resources (gold, silver, minerals) in wNFTs

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